hyper chem


Nandu "the flash" Mohan: How do you do the error analysis? Must it be for every single calculation?
Manpreet: Error analysis is done by first calculating the uncertainty of each apparatus used in the measurement and then by using the formula: (uncertainty of apparatus/measurement taken by the apparatus) x 100

Nabeel "Kobe" Saleem: How many mass trials are necessary and what is a good number of mass trials to perform to get a 7?
Manpreet: For each eggshell taken (farm, country, and organic), 3 mass trials are required.
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Adit: IN my lab report, despite the fact that my values obtained through the experiment are right, i am getting very weird percentage values for calcium carbonate. why is this?
Manpreet: You must have made an error in your calculations. ensure to convert 10ml of HCL taken into 65ml of HCL. Also remember to see the mole ratios of sodium hydroxide and HCL in your calculations.
Ingunn Haldorsen: How many trials are necessary and are the mass values supposed to be different?
Jyotika Shah: What are the things th